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We have setup this website to help with various Broadcasting software. This site does not
Simply follow the below
steps after reading the MIXXX 2.0 setup instructions manual and you should have no problems.
You can also find additional support along with the most current downloads at:

MIXXX 2.0 User Manual Can Be Found Here:

Set your MIXXX 2.0 Desktop setup as shown below. You may make whatever changes you desire after you have completed setup.
This desktop will make it easy to follow the setup as described below.


Click the options tab at the top of the window, then tick "Enable Keyboard Shortcuts."
Then Click Preferences or Type Ctrl+P to open the preferences window.
Note The Red Arrows.

You now see the below Preferences Window. Choose "Live Broadcasting From The Left Window.
The Numbered Arrows Indicate Items You Need To Pay Attention To.
Areas That We Do Not Explain, Are Option Areas, Read Your Manual To Learn What These Are For.
1.) DO NOT Tick Enable Live Broadcasting.    2.) Choose Shoutcast 1.   3.) Enter Your IP From Your Server Details You Received.
4.) Enter Your Port Number From Your Server Details You Received.   5.) Tick Public Stream   6.) Choose your Bitrate, we recommend 112 or 128 kbps,
If you have skipping In Your Stream, Most likely, The Server Is Not Receiving Your Data Correctly, Your kbps Is Set Too High.
7.) Choose MP3   8.) Choose Stereo   9.) Tick "Use UTF-8 encoding for metadata.   10.) Enter
11.) Enter The Name Of Your Stream i.e. Jane's Awesome Music, etc.   12.)  Enter The Genre of The Music You Play.
You are now ready to start Broadcasting. Click your Options Tab, then Tick Enable Live Broadcasting,
or simply use your keyboard & Ctrl+P
You Should Now See The MIXXX LIVE BROADCASTING Window Pop Up, Indicating you are connected to the server.
To DISCONNECT from the server, open your options tab, UN-TICK "Enable Live Broadcasting."
Use this method to start and stop your stream.
After UN-TICKING the  "Enable Live Broadcasting." you will see the disconnect window pop up as below.
NOW !   If you followed all the directions as stated above, you have no hardware problems with your computer, i.e., soundcard setup, Anti Virus
programs blocking your stream (such as Norton or Mcafee to mention a couple).
Congratulations ! You are ready to go !  If you are having problems, go back over
your settings as indicated above. Remember, these instructions do not replace reading your manual.

You can also find additional support along with the most current downloads at:

MIXXX 2.0 User Manual Can Be Found Here:


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