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We have setup this website to help with various Broadcasting software. This site does not
Simply follow the below
steps after reading the Sam Broadcaster setup instructions manual and you should have no problems.
You can also find additional support along with the most current downloads at:

*Please note, The mp3 audio codec on the AM2 motherboards which are used for the AMS X2 Dual cores are not supported
by SAM4 Broadcaster, older versions of Sam Broadcaster are ok.

Set your Sam Broadcaster Desktop up as shown below. You may make whatever changes you desire after you have completed setup.
This desktop will make it easy to follow the setup as described below.


Open up Desktop "B" and click on the + sign in the Encoders Window.

After clicking the + sign, a new window opens, choose MP3 [Normal], click OK !
In the Converter tab window, choose the indicated settings as below..
In the Server Details Tab Window, fill in the required information as shown below. You will have received your
IP Address, Port # and Password when you purchased your Shoutcast Audio Stream. You may name your Radio Station whatever you like.
There is no changes that need to be made in the Stream Archive Tab Window. Click OK !
If you have not purchased your audio stream, you may do so at our main store at Teeka Island.
OK, almost ready to start streaming !  Now open up Desktop "A"    We suggest setting Sam Broadcaster to Auto DJ for now.
Add some MP3 files to your Queue and start the music !  :-)
In the Encoders Window, Start your Stream as indicated below.
NOW !   If you followed all the directions as stated above, you have no hardware problems with your computer, i.e., soundcard setup, etc.
Your stream will show as in the image below, under Status, "Encoding."  Congratulations !  If you are having problems, go back over
your settings as indicated above. Remember, these instructions do not replace reading your manual. You can also find additional support at: