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Error code 200: Means someone is already using the stream.

Error code 10054: Is generally caused by your firewall. Check your firewall and make sure your encoder software SAM, WinAMP, etc has sufficient rights to access the internet.


We will try to explain what the primary reason for buffering is along with some potential solutions.

When clients (more than one) are hearing your broadcast and it's skipping, not consistent, this is generally caused by buffering on the end of the broadcaster, the one who is streaming it to the servers to relay it back to the public. You may also see a message "unable to send data fast enough, encoding paused until buffer clears"

Servers are just a relay point, generally they only relay what they receive so this means if it's "garbage in, than it's garbage out" and on the other hand if it's great quality coming in to the server the same is relayed back out, great quality.

99% of the time in years of streaming management, we found that the skipping and buffering occur by a resource management issue of the broadcasters bandwidth.

With most personal/home internet accounts there are really two speeds the client receives. Many times the client only knows the download speed that they received when purchasing their account. There is also an upload speed which is generally only a portion of the download speed and this is crucial to know. Example: You purchased DSL and have been told you have a 1.5 mb connection, this would be your download speed (coming into your computer), there is also the upload speed and you might only be uploading no more than 300k or so, a fraction of your download speed. Now remember, this is just a example, you should check with your provider if you don't know your upload speed. You can also test it at Internet sites which will give you your upload and download speed free: or others, just do a Google search for internet bandwidth speed test.

With this in mind, consider what is taking place on your computer and when you broadcast. Example: If your broadcasting at 128k, than your using 128k of the allotted upload bandwidth you have. So if you have 300k for upload, 300k minus 128k leaves 172k left for other things needing to use upload bandwidth. That can be used up just by one program like a file sharing program running in the background. If you go over your limit, you will "buffer" causing skips in your music the listener hears.

Now if you have any other resources using your upload bandwidth, you are sharing it; such as chat sessions, online games (like SL, Sims Online, any others), peer to peer software for sharing files or software to find and download music as many DJ's use. One major killer of bandwidth that keeps popping up seems to be Limewire or frostwire. So any and ALL of these programs that are running each take a % of the bandwidth that you have available for uploading (broadcasting your stream clearly). If they equal or go over your limit, the data still gets there, it just "buffers" first causing skips. It's like waiting in line for it's turn to leave your pc, like a bottleneck. Or here's a good example, it's rush hour, your on a 4 lane highway and its packed, 2 lanes get blocked from an accident, you still get to your destination, just allot slower. Well it's the same with the data leaving your PC.

So if your using to much bandwidth for upload during a broadcast, it bottlenecks, causing buffering and skipping music to the end listener.

1. With this said, you need to start looking at the resources or programs running on your system and determine if you can shut some of them down to help alleviate the problem. Try this, and hopefully that's all that is needed.

2. If your still having problems, then turn your broadcast speed down a notch at a time and test it till you find that it's not buffering. So if your at 128k, try 112K, then 64k, 54k etc. With a little thinking this through, understanding what is really going on and fine tuning, you will find you will alleviate any buffering and skipping of music for your listeners.

Also, are you on a wireless or shared network at home or where your broadcasting from? Is anyone else using the connection at the same time? We've found many times the kids in the other room sharing programs with friends, etc and eating up the bandwidth as an example.

The server in itself does not have anything to do with the sound formation of the stream going back to the listener when it's a live feed for relaying, if your with a reliable company that manages their resources properly such as Kickazz Audio Stream Rental. Many new comers breaking into the streaming business, especially in games like SL do not have the knowledge to manage their servers therefore contribute to the frustrations of the clients not being able to determine the cause of their problems.

Feel secure when renting our streams at Kickazz Audio Stream Rental that our servers are maintained by licensed professional computer technicians with years of experience.

We hope this article helps you understand some of the basics of streaming.

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