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Setting up Shoutcast on Your Windows PC With Winamp


These are instructions for setting up Winamp.

If you have not downloaded Winamp, you may download it here:   WINAMP-5666.exe

You will also need the Shoutcast Winamp dsp plug-in, Download it here: 


There seems to be many issues with the new DSP Plugin 2.3.5, we recommend using 2.2.3, download above. if you are having problems.
DSP Pugin 2.3.5 seems to have the most problems when using Windows 7.


We are using Winamp Version 5.666 with the Modern Skin & Shoutcast DSP Plugin Version 2.2.3
You may download these versions using the links above.

Once you have acquired the downloads and have them installed, open Winamp:

Making sure that Winamp is the selected application, press CONTROL P, a window will open up. (See Below)

Look at the left window, under Plug-ins and select DSP/Effect.

Highlight Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP in the right window (SEE ABOVE) and then choose Configure active plug-in (See Red Arrow).

A new window will open named Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source (SEE BELOW).

You will need your SERVER ACCESS DETAILS INFORMATION OFF YOUR NOTECARD. (You received this Notecard when you rented your Stream.) If you did not purchase an audio stream rental, Follow the SLURL Secondlife Link Below :

See Below - No Changes to the Summary Tab Make sure you have checks (If check box is present)
where you see the RED ARROWS.

See Below - In the Connection Tab of the Output.
Enter your IP Address (Example:
Port # (Example: 16300) and Password.
This Information is on your Server Access Details Notecard.
See Below - In the Yellow Pages Tab of the Output, name
your Radio. (Example: DJ Carson or Kickazz Radio.)
Make sure you have checks (If check box is present)
where you see the RED ARROWS.
See Below - In the Encoder Tab of the Output, Choose the
recommended settings we have below. These are the
optimal settings for Secondlife Streaming.

See Below - In the Artwork Tab of the Output,
No Changes are required, as you must have previously
chosen SHOUTcast v1 mode.

See Below - In the Logs Tab of the Output,
Setup as below,
Make sure you have checks (If check box is present) where you see the RED ARROWS.

You're done! Now to test it, go back to the Connection tab of the output and press connect (See Below). If you have followed all the directions correctly, you will connect to the server and be streaming !  Do not forget, you must load music in your Que and start the player.

If you have set everything up correctly, you can view the Summary Tab and you will see the amount of bytes sent to the server and the length of time you have been streaming, you will also see your Input Meters functioning. This will indicate you are actively streaming.
If you also want to voice, look at the next step.


If you desire to voice and have the correct soundcard installed in your computer, use the below settings to voice.
After you voice, you must  change the Input Device Back to the setting above to stream music.
I will tell you, I have found Voice and Streaming Music Very Difficult with Winamp.
We DO NOT support setup help with voice on Winamp due to the fact it is based on YOUR computer components and setup.
Every computer is different, so you are on your own with this section.

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